Photo Achim Katzberg

Hi! I am Andrea Diener.

I was born in 1974 in Frankfurt / Germany and still live there. I studied art history and english literature and culture, because images and letters are both equally interesting to me.

I decided to earn my living with writing. I work for a large newspaper in my hometown. I used to travel a lot and write for the travel section and about culture and media. At the moment I am in local news.

But images are still important for me and photography occupies most of my private life. I collect photo books and read everything I can get my hands on. I go out on the streets and pursue my projects as often as possible.

My pictures often deal with artificial worlds and how we construct places for ourselves to relax, to make holidays or to work in.


F.A.Z. „Von Jägern und Anglern“ – A short interview containing some of my pictures


„Ab vom Schuss – Reisen in die internationale Provinz“, Rowohlt

„SÜSS SAUER PUR – Unterwegs in der Frankfurter Apfelweinkultur“, Henrich Editionen